And then I walked into your office. You’re the first person I could see as a person. There was just something about you…”

"I was chewing a pen."

"It was red.

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this episode fucked me over beyond belief

also nucky is SO gonna die next episode

this episode fucked me over beyond belief

Say nighty-night and kiss me

Just hold my tight and tell me you’ll miss me

While I’m alone and blue as can be

Dream a little dream of me.

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listened to ‘defying gravity’ for the first time in months and literally started crying since i remembered how it kept me alive

A Thousand Years - The Piano Guys 

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Things I’m working on…!! u.u 

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Paranormal investigations can often be intrusive to the dead. Especially when they are having sexy time. 

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Naught Boy ft. Bastille - No One’s Here to Sleep

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*over a grocery store PA*
will the owner of the jet black maserati please fuck me

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Actual footage of Al before his trial

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